Thousands of people convened in the streets to protest their positions on President Trump’s immigration policies and push for open borders. This meant that many of them ditched work to participate and show support for illegal immigrants who they feel should flow freely into America without any vetting or due process of going about it the right way like other immigrants have before them who respect our laws.
The purpose was of this particular protest back in February called “A day without Immigrants,” was to protest Donald Trump’s immigration policies by throwing a massive public temper tantrum. In their minds, they believed that they could take the take off and they would face no repercussions because it’s their right to protest the president and our nation’s laws without regard for their own responsibilities.

However, when many employees went back to work the next day they learned the hard way how business works, which is that they don’t without employees hired to do a job they must not care about. Because of leaving the person who writes their paychecks and relies on them doing what they were hired for, 30 employees who protested were fired for failing to show up for work. However, rather than accepting the consequences of their decisions, they sought out revenge on their former employer.

Jim Serowski, the owner of JVS Masonry in Colorado is speaking out about his decision to terminate them. After the employees did not show up for work, he rightfully felt he had no choice but to terminate them, especially since it had a particularly devastating effect on his business, according to the CBS affiliate in Denver.

Serowski told his employees the day before the planned protest that if they did not attend work there would be consequences. He had warned them all that “If you’re going to stand up for what you believe in you have to be willing to pay the price.” However, they didn’t listen and got what they were warned about, but it’s Serowaski who paid the bigger price simply for expecting his workers to show up to work.

Jesus Carillo, who had worked for Serowski for about seven months prior to being fired, said that he and his co-workers obtained permission from their supervisor on Wednesday to take Thursday off. Carillo said they had offered to make up the lost day of work the following Saturday.

Soon after, they received their final paychecks.

In an interview interpreted from Spanish to English, Carillo told CBS4’s Melissa Garcia that having been fired to support a cause felt like racism.

Serowski responded to the backlash with a video on social media, stating, “I have the utmost respect for each and every one of the guys in the field … I am not a racist.”

“The bottom line is, (the workers who didn’t show up) shut two of my jobs down,” Serowski told CBS4’s Melissa Garcia.

He said the company was under deadline to finish the jobs, and that workers not showing up had put him and the company in a bind.

Instead of these employees taking responsibility for their actions they rather call Serowski a racist which started a firestorm of hate for Serowski on social media. People across the country lit up the Internet and the business owner accusing him of being racist for upholding his company’s policy.

Serowski responded to the backlash with a video on social media, stating, “I have the utmost respect for each and every one of the guys in the field … I am not a racist,” CNN reported. He added, “The bottom line is, (the workers who didn’t show up) shut two of my jobs down,”

I really have come to expect this sort of response from the left now. These people did not show up to work and cost the business money, and still, expect to have a job. This is the problem with liberalism in a nutshell. For the past 8 years, they have been told taught there are no consequences for bad behavior. So, when they are slapped with a cold dose of reality they will yell racism to get their way.

It’s almost reminiscent of when a child wants something and if they don’t get their way they throw a temper tantrum.

That is what we are seeing here on a much grander scale. The best way to combat this behavior is to not give credence to these complainers and their accusations against those who they feel “wronged” them since it’s all for attention.

What do you think? Should Serowski give them back their jobs? Sound off below!


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