“The View” Says You Can’t Support Trump and Be a Christian

Failing to recognize the issues rotting within their own party, the liberal hosts on ABC’s “The View” claimed it’s not possible to be both a Christian and a supporter of President Donald Trump.

On Thursday, the panel discussed a recent report claiming that Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, paid adult film star Stormy Daniels $130,000 prior to last year’s presidential election to keep quiet about an affair that allegedly happened between her and Trump in 2006.

As noted by the Independent Journal Review, Cohen not only denied the report, but also released a statement that was signed by Daniels admitting that she never had an affair with Trump and did not take a payoff to remain quiet about it.

After pointing all of that out to the left-wing panel, co-host Meghan McCain said the Daniels’ story was a nothing more than recycled tabloid garbage that no publication had picked up for years because the story had major credibility issues.

But guest host Yvette Nicole Brown disagreed, and peddled the utterly ridiculous theory that one cannot support Trump and be a Christian at the same time.

“I feel like, and we talked about this earlier, we’re missing out on what the Bible actually says. We’re supposed to love each other, that’s all we’re supposed to do. We’re not supposed to judge, we’re not supposed to point fingers,” Brown said.

She added: “So, when you get to a point where you have a candidate who is not loving his own wife, is not loving the people in the country, is not loving immigrants or black folks, that makes him a no, whether he’s cheating on Melania or not.”

Not a single panelist made a peep in opposition when Brown said Trump doesn’t love first lady Melania Trump or immigrants and black people in the country, or while she told people it is a sin to judge and point fingers while simultaneously judging and pointing fingers at Trump and his supporters.

“How anyone can say they follow God and this man? I don’t see how the two mix. They don’t,” she said.

Oh really? How about the Democrats who support the killing hundreds of thousands of babies each year at Planned Parenthood? Or Nancy Pelosi who claims she’s a practicing Catholic, yet takes a hard-line pro-abortion stane?

During their coverage denigrating Trump supporters, these liberals also made zero mention of top Democrats like former President Bill Clinton, movie producer Harvey Weinstein, or former Minnesota Democrat Sen. Al Franken who all have been (only recently) excoriated because of their sexual misconduct.

Clinton was impeached in the House of Representatives for lying about an affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, Weinstein was kicked out of Hollywood after dozens of women accused him of sexual abuse, and Franken resigned from the Senate amid numerous allegations of sexual impropriety — but apparently one can support these perverts and still be a Christian.

It is amazing to see such illogical statements coming from the party of Clinton and Weinstein.

But in the era of opposing Trump by whatever means necessary, many won’t be surprised to see liberals taking such a hypocritical stance on this issue.

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